Full Testimonials

" I first met Dr. James Capolupo via email; I answered his request to improve my school's contact network …But thankfully, I have been graced with so much more.

My learning continues as I strive to serve my school community better. I have learned from Dr. Jim's involvement in working in a host of communities has allowed for some fantastic personal experiences that apply to anything from answering a parent email subject to planning for a professional development opportunity. I learned how to use that empowering content to engage with school stakeholders, never to miss an opportunity to involve them in the school's activities. 

I can't wait to have another opportunity to engage with Dr. Jim, which I'm sure will further help my personal and professional growth. He makes his sessions both fun and challenging, and his practical feedback is invaluable. His calm and logical teaching method has allowed me to remain connected in a time of significant disconnect: education during COVID 19; and for that I am genuinely grateful. "


"Dr. Capolupo has a wealth of experience both as an educator and as an administrator.

Combined with his positive enthusiasm, ability to emphasize strengths, knowledge of the

hiring and interview processes and innate ability to turn a negative into a positive, Dr.

Capolupo is perfectly suited to prepare candidates for their job search.

My mock interview with Dr. Capolupo was realistic, helpful and beneficial. The best part

was the informative post-interview review that gave me tremendous insight and


Navigating the educational job search process can be overwhelming but having Dr. James

Capolupo on your team will give you the skills and confidence to land your dream job.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. "


"​ With decades of experience as an education leader, Dr. Capolupo has proven to have the ability to build connections with staff, students, and the educational community. Dr. Capolupo has the skills to diagnose areas of need in a school system and implement effective strategies to build a thriving school. He can see through a district's decades of stagnation and challenges and cut directly to the heart of a school system's problems and implement effective strategies to improve the quality of learning. He has the skills to repair damaged school-community relationships and build a coalition of educators who can become the model for educational excellence.

Dr. Capolupo has an international reputation at the forefront of educational leadership. He is a highly sought after consultant in education to some of the world's most influential people. He is well known for the successful implementation of literature strategies focusing on reaching every child, ensuring that all students read at grade level. He has broad experience at every level of education. As a Superintendent of schools, he has shown exceptional ability as a leader at both the secondary and elementary levels in the public and charter school settings. His strategies are successful at schools with children of the highest needs and communities with the highest expectations. 

Young learners to secondary, affluent students to those most in need, public to charter, Dr. Capolupo has time and time again successfully built a collation around those diverse school communities to ensure the success of every child.  


"Dr. James Capolupo served as the President of my child's Charter High School in Delaware. Through his position there, I came to see what kind of leader he is and what service he is capable of bringing to a school community. I first observed Dr. Capolupo at PTSO and school board meetings. I was initially struck by his ability to draw people in with his motivational story telling. At one of the meetings, Dr. Capolupo presented an accolade to a well-deserved high school student who was being honored for performing a specific selfless deed. While I do not remember Dr. Capolupo's exact words, I do remember thinking how those must have made the student feel and how that moment will motivate him to keep serving the community in positive ways for years to come. I have no doubt Dr. Capolupo would inspire teachers and school boards the same way.

Later in the year I came to know Dr. Capolupo personally when I joined the Re-Entry Planning Team as a parent volunteer in the Spring of 2020 at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Through the Re-Entry Planning work I observed Dr. Capolypo to be someone who carefully listens to concerns of board members, teachers, parents and students, but then priorities those concerns in a laser-focused way and helps groups with differing views come together with common purpose.

​As a parent what was most important to me was seeing Dr. Capolupo lead with ethics and integrity. He is the kind of leader that has the ability co challenge organizations to reflect on their core values and grow in accordance with them. I am just remised Dr. Capolupo is not still with our local Charter School, as I feel it could have grown in amazing ways.



" Having served on the board of an independent school for over 5 years, I was able to appreciate Dr. Cap's navigation of a relationship with the corporate-sponsored charter school board when he occupied the Head of School position at my son's school.  Dr. Cap has vast experience working as a faculty member and then in administrative capacities of various educational entities.  Now heading a consultancy of his own, his many years of strategic and operational experience within many constructions of educational institutions (public, private, and charter) make him uniquely well-qualified to be a tremendously effective partner to a diverse set of schools."



"I met Dr. James Capolupo when he and his colleague came to Penn Wood High School to encourage our students to consider majoring in college and to become a teacher. I learned a lot from the principal’s institute at West Chester University that Dr. Capolupo was the chair of the program. I also received the executive coaching that helped me to improve my skills and knowledge to become a better educational leader. Dr. Capolupo is caring, authentic, genuine, and sincere to encourage people who he mentors with and I highly recommend his services to help people to be better professionally and personally. His depth of experience, knowledge, and skills is very impressive as he remains humble and approachable."